Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning

Why You Should Clean Air Ducts In Your Home

Air Duct cleaning is perhaps last on the home cleaning list, but should it be first? Air duct pollution is a health risk but so are many other environmental particles that can get into your home. Why is air duct cleaning different then?

It’s Not About the Dust What else might be lurking in your air ducts? No, it’s not a movie villain, but rat urine and rat grease are toxic substances. Many mice, or worse, rats, leave droppings in your air ducts and your attic. Try not to think about it next time you turn on your cooling or heating system.

Air duct cleaning in LA is particularly important. Just like any other warm-blooded creature, rodents want to stay warm. Once they are in your semi clean dusty crawl space, they find it a perfect place for their waste.

Many of these rodents carry diseases, but not just in their urine or droppings. Rat grease is particularly nasty, a mixture of dirt and sewage and rat pheromones that stick to their fur and get lathed anywhere they go. This grease can lead to the particularly severe Hantavirus, that can be contracted through air born dust. Worse still, California has the greatest number of deaths from Hantavirus in the entire united states.

Let’s talk about MOLD!

While mold is not nearly as deadly as what our rodent friends leave for us to find, it holds the highest risk of infecting our lungs and is especially dangerous to asthmatic guests, family, and friends.

Scrubbing mold from air ducts is a specialty, and our teams are particularly proud when we can take a dirty, hazardous HVAC system and help clean the air you breathe.

With mold, the greatest fear is spread! Mold spores can move from room to room and infect different areas of the house. While air duct mold is not the same as the black mold you can find behind your bathroom walls, it is a living bacteria that evolves and develops over time. It is crucial to remove mold from air ducts before it’s too late.

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