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Insulation and Rat Proofing Services in Carson, CA

When Josephine H. in Carson, CA reached out to us for insulation and rat proofing services, she had a very specific need in mind. The attic in her home had been damaged by rodents, and she needed the insulation replaced and the area sealed up to prevent any further damage.

We were happy to help! We sent a team of professionals to her home to take care of the job. The first step was to remove the existing insulation that had been contaminated by rodent waste. This was a difficult task, as there was a lot of waste to clean up and the area was difficult to access.

Once the area was clean, we installed new insulation. We chose batt insulation for its ease of installation and because it is an effective way to prevent heat loss.

Finally, we sealed up the attic to prevent any more damage from happening. This was a challenging task, but we were able to complete it successfully thanks to our team’s expertise and experience.

The end result was a safe and comfortable attic space that will save Josephine H. money on her energy bills. She was very pleased with our work and we’re glad we could help her with her unique situation.


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