This amazing property in Brentwood had spent almost $2,000 dollars on water bill, we installed 10,000 sq ft of artificial grass as known as Turf. The water bill dramatically reduced. The product of turf does major changes on hard scaping especially in Los Angeles area. Artificial Turf in Van Nuys, Turf Installation, Synthetic Grass Replacement, Turf Installers, Turf Replacement, Energy Saver Turf, Artificial Turf Installation, Home Renovations, Synthetic Turf Installment, Synthetic Replacement, Fake Grass Installation, Fake Grass Replacement, Fake Grass Installment, Artificial Grass Suppliers, Artificial Turf Contractors, Turf Contractors, Turf Products, Artificial Plant Installation, Artificial Plant Renovations, Artificial Grass Investment, Turf Replacement, Energy Saver, Green Turf Contractor, Turf Repair, Synthetic Grass Repair, Turf Services, Artificial Turf Services,

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