The California Solar Initiative:

Saving the Planet One System at a Time

Sunlight powers life on our planet. When photovoltaic materials (photo meaning light, voltaic meaning voltage) were first discovered in the late 1880s, visionaries like Thomas Edison knew that this sustainable discovery would one day change the way we power our world.

The California Solar Initiative is bringing this change to life, and helping to make the clean, reliable and inexhaustible energy of the sun even more accessible in a state that has long been a national leader in environmental stewardship.

Today, it is common to power our homes and businesses with solar technologies. In fact, thousands of your friends, neighbors and businesses already rely on the state’s most abundant natural resource—the sun—for their power, while taking advantage of the financial benefits of Going Solar.

The State of California and its electric utilities foster adoption of solar power by rewarding customers who Go Solar with cash incentives, a streamlined interconnection process and simplified requirements for Net Energy Metering, which allows for measuring the amount of a customer’s energy production and consumption. Solar energy is so important to our state and our energy future that the California Solar Initiative provides incentives to residents and businesses for installing solar electric systems. Solar energy is a renewable alternative to building power plants that burn fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases, which lead to global warming and climate change.

By Going Solar, you are reinforcing California’s commitment to a healthy environment and economy that makes the future bright for California and leaves a legacy of clean energy for generations to come.

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