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Green Air Solutions is a business that understands the importance of looking after your family’s health.  Helping with your indoor air quality needs, particularly if someone in the household has breathing ailments or allergies, is a task we take very seriously indeed.  With years of experience, and trusted in thousands of homes across you can be sure of expert solutions and care.

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Enjoy the peace of mind of cleaner air in your home. With the EPA rating indoor air pollution as one of the main environmental hazards to public health, you’ll be pleased to know that some simple solutions can help.  Not only that, but if you suffer from breathing ailments or allergies we can customize an indoor air quality solution for your needs.  It’s the extra care and attention that can make all the difference to your home comfort.


One of the main ways to improve your air quality is a High Efficiency Particulate Filter, which can filter out 99.7 percent of airborne particles down to a size of 1.8 microns.  In actual fact the filters manage to filter out particles much smaller than this too, up to 1.8 microns in size.  These filters can be particularly useful to people with allergies or breathing difficulties, while everyone can benefit from the removal of outside air pollution in what is a famously polluted area.


While filters catch particles, our germicidal UV lamps kill germs and mold – including airborne disease and organic contaminants.  These are the systems used in hospitals and health care facilities to help prevent the spread of disease.


Our indoor air quality experts provide a friendly and professional service that will help answer your questions, and find a solution for all your indoor air quality needs.


The level of humidity can impact on comfort levels as well as temperature.  For those with breathing difficulties, controlling humidity levels can help with their day-to-day comfort. 


Many indoor air quality solutions are available as upgrades to your existing central furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system.


Periodic and thorough cleaning and decontamination of your home’s ducts can assist with indoor air quality as well.  See our duct cleaning page here.


With free estimates on all indoor air quality installations and upgrades

For all your indoor air quality needs or to arrange a free estimate, call and speak with Green Air Solutions today.

Quick Facts

  • Your home could be up to 70 times more polluted than the outdoors

  • Indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health

  • Indoor Air Purification, Air Cleaning, and Air Filter products available

  • 90% of common colds are caught indoors

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