Paving stones have been around since the Roman times, forming the basis of their intricate roadway systems all that time ago. Individual stones are tightly interlocked together to form an larger, more attractive surface area that is stronger than poured concrete. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry and perfected our installation process to provide you with unlimited creativity with your exterior environments that are built to last! Call the expert design teams at Green Air Solutions today so they can show you how to transform your driveway, patio, walkways, or pool deck into a work of art!


Increase curb appeal and home value

There are countless surfaces around your home, and concrete is the most common choice for the many hard, flat surfaces needed. Interlocking pavers are the only concrete surface that actually increase the value of your home because it is the only paving option that will not break down over the years; removing the need for it to be resurfaced or replaced, giving your family years of enjoyment!

Elegant looking

There are 100’s of different colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, making the possibilities as big as your imagination! Our design experts can transform any surface into a beautifully designed creation that will be the talk of your next party!

Incredibly strong

Pavers are uniquely designed to transfer loads and stress over large areas of paving by means of “bridging” action between the individual units. Such spreading of the load allows heavier weight and traffic over the sub-bases, which normally would require heavily reinforced concrete. This makes paving stone 4 times stronger than poured concrete, able to withstand at least 8,000 pounds of pressure per square inch before failure! Because of the strength and durability, Green Air Solutions is proud to back our pavers with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty from breaking or cracking.

Make repairs easily, quickly, and invisibly.

Typical concrete repairs require the area to be cut, the repairs made, and then the concrete re-poured… the color will never match, leaving an obvious mark. Pavers are colored with oxides, making their coloration consistent and congruent throughout the stone; also making fading negligible. The color from the stone on day one will be the same color year after year!

No slip, no skid surface

The surface of the paving stones are natural rough, creating a non-slip and non-skid walkways. Pavers are the best solution for your pool decks, walkways and patios.

Pavers are a modular system

 If you are looking to implement your hardscape project in stages, pavers are the product for you. In fact, many of our customers have us back to add on to their original installation. Over any other system, pavers have the unique ability to be added on to simply by continuing the existing pattern into the new area.


Green Air Solutions have partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry and perfected our installation process to provide our customers with unlimited creativity and installations that are built to last! We have paving stone installation down to an art, most of our installs happen in less than a week!

  • The standard installation process includes:
    • This includes the demoing of the existing surface area or concrete
    • removal of all the organics materials and soil, installation of utilities (drain lines and drains, electrical conduits for lighting or outlets, water lines for irrigation, gas lines fire pits and barbecues, etc) (which can vary greatly from one project to another)
    • If the project consists of any outdoor elements like a wall, fire pit, pillars, or barbecues, these will be installed at this time
    • The soil will be re-compacted and grade lines will be set in place. This is how we eliminate ponding and puddling of water in the paving area.
    • Site preparations
    • The pavers will then be laid in a selected pattern, stone by stone. Usually the pattern starts in a central location and then radiates outward towards the perimeter of the project.
    • Border stones are then fixed along the edges with fixed concrete edge restraints.
    • Once all the pavers are in place they will be compacted with a vibrating machine and packed with sand.
    • Sweep and hose off the area before applying a joint sand stabilizer to seal the surface area and prepare for use!


We know that there are hundreds of contractors for you to choose from, which is why Green Air Solutions is committed to providing you with all the information necessary to make the best decision for your family. Our expert staff and crew work hand in hand with you, from pre-site and design to installation and financing, we will be here for you through it all to make your vision come to life. So give us a call to set up a time to meet one of our expert designers!

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