Artificial Grass (Turf)

Artificial grass is a gives you all the benefits of a beautifully landscaped yard without the cost or the demanding requirements of maintenance and upkeep. For every local grass species, there is a synthetic grass to match with a variety of shades and weights to mimic the look and feel of the real thing! Here at Green Air Solutions, we are committed to providing superior quality products and expert installation services at a fair price. We work directly with the leading artificial grass manufacturers to provide the best options for your project and budget. Artificial grass goes by many names- synthetic grass, synthetic lawns, artificial turf, fake grass, AstroTurf; but whatever you call it, artificial grass gives you years of a lush, minimal maintenance landscaping, leaving you time and money to do the things that you really enjoy. Set up a time for our knowledgeable staff to come to your property to assess your project, considering your family’s needs, desires, and personal touch ideas and providing you with a fair estimate and addressing all of your concerns.


Why you should choose artificial grass over a sod yard?

Looks and feels like a natural lawn.

Green Air Solutions works with manufactures that use the highest quality materials to create artificial lawns that will give you a lush, natural feeling grass that your family, friends, and pets will enjoy year-round.

Environmentally friendly.

On January 17, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown declared California in a drought state of emergency. Currently, the drought impacts more than 33 million people, with the highest impact areas being here in Southern California. It is a responsibility of every California to do their part to conserve the vital resources that we have. It is estimated that every square foot of drought resistant lawn will save 55 gallons of water each year. Aside from water conservation, a synthetic lawn eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and herbicides, minimizing your family and pets exposure to harsh chemicals.

Save money.

Installing a drought resistant lawn will save you money on your monthly water bill and eliminate the need to pay for lawn care expenses, whether that be in gardener costs or supplies to keep your lawn looking lush and green.

Minimal maintenance and upkeep.

It is estimated that homeowners spend an average of 150 hours a year on yard maintenance, time that can be spent with your family or doing the things that you love. Artificial lawns require no regular maintenance, so you spend more time enjoying your yard than working on it.

The Installation Process

Allow the experts at Green Air Solutions to guide you through the entire process, from the initial design to the final installation of your new water wise lawn. Each project is specifically designed around your family’s exact needs and customized to maximize the use and lifetime of your landscaping.

Typical Installation Process:

        1. Experts will come and remove the existing lawn, assessing the area to ensure there are no pipes or wires underground that need to be considered in the final installation.
        2. 2” -3” of an aggregate base is installed to allow for flow, filtration, mold and bacterial control.
        3. The artificial grass is positioned on top of the aggregate base and a special edging is placed to hold the artificial grass, no matter the weather conditions.
        4. An infill is laid that acts like soil does a natural grass, holding the synthetic blades upright and in place.
        5. The final step is to power brush and clean the newly installed artificial turf to prepare for use!


Set up your free estimate today with one of our knowledgeable team members to find out just how affordable a drought resistant yard can be. Green Air Solutions is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality materials coupled with expert installation at a fair price.

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